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Design and versatilty for covering large areas

Multivalvola® System version


Code: 0241

Canopy: Multivalvola® System  or Single Valve Canopy

Fabric:Tempotest waterproof fabric, 100% acrylic

Frame: Brown or grey aluminium ribs

Support: Layered Iroko wood central pole 142x142mm

Components:Brown epoxy coated steel parts

Opening/Closing: Opening/closing via 4 heavy duty manual winches

Base: Segmental concrete base 260 Kg. • Segmental double concrete base 520 Kg. (dim. 800x800 cm) • Segmental triple concrete base 780 Kg. (900x900 and 1000x1000 cm). Mounting plate 46x46

Color of fabric: Wide range from our pattern book

Optional Accessories: Soltis® microventilated precontraint fabric • Velcro apply and Gutter to link canopies • Galvanised steel parts • Logo printed • Winches in stainless steel mechanism


Shaped like a four-leaf clover, this elegant umbrella is designed to provide shade coverage for rectangular spaces. A single central beam of Iroko wood supports four canopies:its space-saving design provides more shade in less space.

Dimensions (cm)

  • 500x500, 600x600, 650x650, 700x700, 800x800, 900x900, 1000x1000


Layered Iroko wood central pole 142x142 mm • Opening/closing via 4 heavy duty manualwinches• Brown or dark grey polyester coated steel parts • Brown or anodized aluminium light grey ribs • Acrylic linking gutter between canopies • Protective cover bag

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